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2013 TAFE NSW Landscaping Challenge at the Royal Easter Show – Australian Backyards Display.

Theme – Big things / small spaces 

As Ryde College didn’t have a Design Class, Michelle was asked to help Ryde Teachers and construction students, draft on CAD their design for the entry and put together a planting plan and colour selection for materials.

It was encouraged to use eco wise features and sustainable products where possible.

The planting plan was based on a warmer climate backyard and gave it a tropical feel with lush foliage plants with texture and vibrant colours.

With each site only allocated 7m x 7m, the design had to be clever to incorporate a pool, shower, water feature, raised garden beds, clothes line, shelter and a place to relax by the pool, all with consideration of eco-friendly outcomes.

To ensure sustainability was covered, solar panels were used, recycling water tanks cleverly made as large planter boxes and recycled wood products were also sourced.

Judged on Design, Workmanship, Construction Complexity, Construction Materials, Green Skills, Innovative and Extras and PlantingChoice

We won – 1st place people’s choice award & 2nd place judges’ Award

Each site is a max of 7m x 7m

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