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    After – Installation Balcony Makeover at Balmain with Vertical Herb Garden

    Balcony Makeover

  • After -Balmain-Balcony-Makeover

  • Before-Pics-of-Balcony-Makeover

  • Balmain-Balcony Makeover with planter pots and hedging plants

  • Before -Balmain

  • Makeover progress visit (9)

  • Before -Balmain

  • Balcony Makeover progress visit

  • Balcony Makeover 2nd progress visit

  • Before-Pics-of-Balcony-Makeover

  • After 2nd progress visit with new Herbs Installation

  • Before -Balcony Makeover at Balmain

  • Installation of vertical garden with herbs

  • Before-Pics-of-Balcony Makeover with planter pots

  • Balcony Makeover 1st progress visit

  • After 1st installation of balcony pots and plants

  • Makeover progress visit

  • After Balcony Pot Installation at Balmain

The brief for the Balmain balcony was to suggest ways to offer privacy and create a pleasing aesthetic from inside,  without taking away the wonderful city views.

The constraints we were up against was a hot dry west facing wall on the 3rd floor with tremendous winds, and choosing suitable containers that didn’t overflow to the neighbours below.

Answer to the problems  was to soften the area with evergreen foliage in trough style self watering pots.  The Indian Hawthorn supply beautiful flowers with a glossy foliage, growing to approximately 1m high which can be pruned to the perfect height hedge.

The large pots are stable enough to withstand the winds and the plants are tolerant of coastal winds and heat.

The blue stone slate colour was chosen for the pots to co-ordinate with the existing outdoor floor tiles and the grey existing balustrades.

Clients were thrilled with the outcome.

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